Thursday, 15 September 2011

NEWS: ONiT! To Represent Soulful Songstress, Dionne Reid

ONiT! To Represent Soulful Songstress, Dionne Reid

ONiT! PR is proud to announce that it is now representing Soulful Songstress, Dionne Reid.

Dionne Reid, ONiT!'s first lady, is a Singer/Songwriter with a colourful twist. Her boundless energy and effervescent personality mean she is a joy to hear and work with. Following a summer of high profile performances at the coveted Glastonbury and Lovebox Festival's, Dionne is enjoying the next stage of a performance career that has already seen her collaborate with stellar artists, including MOBO award winner, SWAY.

"My journey is my therapy and I'm looking forward to ONiT! PR being a part of it" says Dionne, "it's an exciting new venture with a brilliant team."

Sidel 'Comfort' Stewart, Director and Founder of ONiT! PR says "It is an absolute pleasure to have Dionne on board and will be an honour to represent such a driven young lady. Having followed her career closely over the past three years, it is beautiful to now work alongside Dionne in realising her dreams and being a part of that journey. We anticipate great things for her."

Dionne Reid is currently available for live acoustic and full band performances.


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Monday, 22 August 2011

INTERVIEW: Teju Chosen


Teju Chosen

The Kingdom, trying to do my best, to walk the narrow road when satan puts me to the test.

London, England ... Hackney Hospital in fact (now closed down).

Goodmayes, Essex

Performance Debut:
The Word, Brixton. I was so nervous, I was there reading my poem by candlelight and the paper was shaking in my hands. The feedback was great and that encouraged me to continue.

Poetry Calendar for the Millenium, play co-written for Shared Experience Theatre "We Can Dream in Colour", play commissioned by ICAN (International Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) "Oko Mi Da?", Devised play with National Youth Theatre about the French Revolution "Off With Your Head". Won a scholarship to do a Masters in Screen at Stage Writing at the London School of Film, Media and Performance (currently in first year).


Describe Teju Chosen in 5 words:
Spiritual, Dynamic, Funny, Loving, Entertaining!

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?
Cakes and biscuits and lots of, but I am so cutting down. I am so cutting down!

If you were a fruit what fruit would you be and why?
A soft hearted banana.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Both, really. Is that right? If the egg came first, then who laid it. If the chicken came first, then how? Good question.

Favourite word?
Wisdom. Because wisdom is the principle thing. In the Bible it says, "... my people perish because of lack of knowledge". Hosea 4:6

Least Favourite word?
Can't. My mother never allowed me to use this word in the house. "Don't say
can't, say I shall try", she would exclaim.

Sound or noise that you love?
The ocean. The soothing sounds of the water hitting the rocks.

Sound or noise that you hate?
Rain on my wood door and double glazed windows.

If you weren’t doing the profession that you are, what would you be doing?
Oh dear, this is a tough one, can you come back to this? Er well I guess I'd be a Philanthropist.

Since it’s supposed to be “summer”, what’s your favourite thing to do in the park?
Praying whilst on the swings, in the morning.

ONiT! Is very excited about your forthcoming one woman show, Choices & Voices. What can the crowd expect?
AN EFFERVECENT ECLECTIC MIX ... Performance Poetry at its very best, Jazz music that will make you close your eyes and imagine you were somewhere else, a journey into my state of mind, familiar characters that will make you laugh at them, but maybe later with them, contrast, the breaking down of the fourth theatrical wall, edutainment and the flipping of the script. In a nutshell, something very different.

As a Poet, how did you make the transition into writing and performing a one-woman show that also features comedy and drama?
It's always been in me. Started off as an Actress and lack of work sometimes led in me and a few others along the road of creating our own stuff and performing them at Fringe places. This was way, way back though. Now I have revived my playwrighting spirit and am currently doing a Masters. I think I mentioned this earlier.

We know that you’ve performed internationally, which non UK performances have you enjoyed the most and why?
A Show that I put on with a few other Londoner's in a South African joint called "Jungle Connection". It featured London and South African Poets, Drummers and Singers and was a great cultural exchange. I loved the clicking that that was incorporated into many of the songs and poems ... was awesome experience and the air of South Africa just screams art.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?
Not really, just breathing deeply and being alone.

Who and/or what are your greatest influences?
God, The Bible, my parents, life, Mayo Angelou, Nikki Giovani and Gill Scott Heron.

Is there an artist or performance that you’ve recently seen that blew you away?
Yes, LyricalFlo. Some real good stuff. Love the singing combined with the poetry. These two are real divas. Also Dominic Coates - saw his video online, great stuff. He's doing something really different and saying what needs to be said.

Let’s pretend I’ve just given you £6,000 for you spend on a dream holiday. Where would you go and how would you spend it all?
Hmmm, been to most places already, done the cruise thing, done Disneyland. I think it would be somewhere in Africa. I have been to South Africa a couple of times, so maybe Jo'burg. Haven't been back home to Nigeria in a while so probably there. I'd buy a standard class ticket and stay with friends/family. I'd spend time visiting orphanages and seeing how I could help and what I could put money towards. I would like to also sow seeds in to the lives of some aspiring young people who would otherwise not get the opportunity to fulfuil their dreams. I would like to pay for school fees etc.

What’s been your best or worst performance experience so far?
Er, can't remember but I'll have a real long think ... wait a minute ... Well not had a bad performance, but a bad workshop situation in a Prison. I was getting the inmates ready for ... oh dear, forget that, I've just remered a bad performance ... oh dear, can't mention that one, not fair on the other person involved. Okay then, back to the prison workshop. I was trying to get the guys to do some positive stuff for an upcoming performance and they weren't listening. Just weren't having it. They wanted to do their slack raps and mceeing. One even said to me, "You don't like mi s*!& do you?". With the group I had the month before the writing was so inspiring and thought inducing ...

Describe your performance style.
Very me, I just do me. Effervescent, eclectic, bubbly, dynamic. I am different when I do different poems. Sometimes very vocal and in your face, sometimes sultry.

Lastly, where can we find you outside of the stage?

And just keep looking. Also look out for my book this Autumn, Prolific Perspirations from a Poet's Pen. I will also be working on my sitcom and putting a preview on YouTube. It's called, No Pay, No Paper and it's set in a Nigerian Law Firm.

Catch Teju Chosen's one woman play, Choices & Voices, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, on Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011

NEWS: ONiT! To Represent Award Winning Poet, David Lee Morgan

ONiT! To Represent Award Winning Poet, David Lee Morgan

ONiT! PR is pleased to announce the addition of passionate poet and street musician, David Lee Morgan, to its roster.

A scholar of words and student of life, David cites being a poet, novelist, political activist, street musician and playwright amongst his arsenal of talents. Son of a journalist and a well respected voice in his own right, David has been invited to showcase his work across the world via various platforms, including the Mumbai Resistance during the World Social Forum in India, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London and at venues across Europe and North America.

A multiple Slam winner, David says "I've been writing all my life. I've never done well with gatekeepers, but when I've been able to get my work in front of an audience I can usually connect. Slam poetry has given me a chance to do this. I think ONiT! PR will help me take this to a higher level."

Founder of ONiT! PR, Sidel Stewart, is excited to be able to count David Lee Morgan as a stellar artist within its intimate stable, “David is an extremely passionate writer and poet who strives to leave an impression with his work. His performances are always heartfelt and provocative; two key elements that will ensure he remains on top of his game in this industry. ONiT! is looking forward to assisting with David’s journey and being a part of that success.”

David Lee Morgan is currently available for performance bookings in London and the rest of the UK.


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Thursday, 4 August 2011

NEWS: ONiT! To Represent Lyrical Dynamo, LeeN

ONiT! PR is pleased to announce that exceptional lyricist, Jesse-Lee ‘LeeN’ Norville, has joined their roster.

A freestyle maverick and opinionated lyricist, LeeN serves his audiences gourmet meals from the raw ingredients offered, culminating in clever, conscious and creative rhymes. LeeN who has toured in Europe with the NuMC’s, also performed an improvised set with Beardyman at Channel 4’s Underbelly and has won many a freestyle challenge, including one by Chester P. His artistic and innovative skills double up in the form of Music Producer where he has worked on projects with artists such as Serocee, NuMc’s and Klarity.

LeeN says, “I'm looking forward to working with ONiT! PR. As ever, I intend to exploit my lyrical abilities to edutain current and future diverse audiences - it's always interesting to see what topics they’ll come up with. I'm building a good relationship with ONiT! and look forward to more good things in the future.

ONiT! PR Founder, Sidel Stewart, is thrilled to be working with an artist who sits just outside of the Performance Poetry bracket, “LeeN is a creative force to be reckoned with and constantly blows audiences away with his lyrical dexterity. It’s fantastic that he has chosen to work with ONiT! to raise his profile and assist with the administrative side of his creative journey. We’re excited about LeeN's future.”

LeeN is available for bookings, ranging from MC/Lyricist based performances, to creative workshops with young people.


For full information on LeeN, visit:

Saturday, 30 July 2011

EVENT: Poetry in the Park | Sunday 31 July

Partnas in Rhyme


The Return Of

Poetry in the Park

Sunday 31st July 2011

2pm til Late

Hey Peeps,

We hope you're all well and having a great weekend.

Just to update you all on the return of annual event,

Poetry in the Park, brought to you by Partnas in Rhyme.

The event will take place tomorrow from 2pm, in Hyde Park.

You'll find PiR about 3 minutes walk from 'Speakers Corner' -

the Marble Arch end of the Park.

Poetry in the Park

The best way to locate them will be to walk up from Marble Arch Underground station and follow the strategically placed Paw Prints :) which will lead you as close as possible - Cumberland Gate Entrance, Hyde Park, just past Tour Bus Stop 'W'.

For those who have asked, children are very much welcome - as long as they are capable of sitting through performances without too much disruption.


The weather is set to be dry with a temperature of 22 degrees,

so at this point, it's definitely going ahead.

HOWEVER, if it rains later than 8pm tonight, or at any time on Sunday 31st July, please assume that the event is cancelled.

The event will not be held in the rain.


The advance performers list is now closed,

but you're welcome to put your name down on arrival.

Places are first come, first served and subject to availability.


Everyone is encouraged to bring their own food and drinks -

we'll bring some bits and pieces too, and hopefully,

everyone will be in a sharing mood :)

So all that's left to say is, tell a friend to bring a friend and let's jam!

See you on Sunday!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

INTERVIEW: Kaana Ellie


Kaana Ellie

Music as Remedy



Head of Music, Media and Performing Arts projects for young people in Haringey, before the government decided the kids weren't important.


Describe Kanna Ellie in 5 words…
“Lickle but Talawa”, Powerful, Energetic and Wild

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?
Eating custard creams in bed.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
[Laughs] "Chicken" comes before the word Egg [laughs] I’m so smart!

If you were a fruit what fruit would you be and why?
Passion Fruit, not sure why but it sounded sexy.

Since it’s supposed to be “Summer”, what’s your favourite thing to do in the park?
Swim and Eat.

ONiT! Is very excited about your upcoming performance at Style and Substance next week. With such an amazing line up of artists, what are you planning to do to wow the crowd?
I'm gonna take off my six inch heels and shake what my father gave me [laughs], the saddest thing about this interview is I actually find myself amusing [laughs]. Really though, I plan to wow the crowd with good music, alongside my band.

Ah yes, we know you regularly perform live with your 7 piece band, The Remedies. Can we expect to see them at Style and Substance too?
The band are out there playing hard with other artists but for Style and Substance they will be coming back home, back to the beginning, to play with their big Sister - they are amazing. We have good energy and write great songs together. . I have missed them, so the answer to your question is YES!

Wicked! You have such a powerful soulful voice - do you do anything to vocally prepare for a show?
I shut up my mouth, look miserable and pray. It helps me preserve energy for the stage and the show, where I let it all out.

Do you have other any pre-performance rituals?
No not really. I always go to the toilet before the show and do a number 2, then pray. Strange place to pray but it works.

[Laughs] OK! Who are your greatest influences?
The Remedies, my fans, family and love.

Is there an artist or performance that you’ve recently seen that blew you away?
I did not like Rihanna until I saw her pop style on X Factor.

Let’s pretend I’ve just given you £6,000 for you spend on a dream holiday. Where would you go and how would you spend it all?
I'd go to Tanzania, where my mum was born, to sing and live like the Queen!

What’s been your best or worst performance experience so far?
My worst performance was when I forgot my lyrics on stage at a charity event like Amy Winehouse*. The worst thing was, I was sober.

Will we be hearing any material from your new album Now or Never at the show?
My God yeah, It’s all I've got [laughs] and the album is finally due to drop this year.

So, all that said, where can we find you performing next?
I'll be performing at Style & Substance on Tuesday 2nd August at Queen of Hoxton, 1-5 Curtain Road, LONDON EC2A 3JX (Full info)

When and where can fans get a copy of your new album?
The album will be available in September, via iTunes, Amazon and

Lastly, where can we find you outside of the stage?
You can find me in North London, the sunny side of Tottenham. Alternatively, you can be cheap and Facebook or Tweet me via 'Kaanaellie'.

EDITORS NOTE: This interview was produced before the passing of Amy Winehouse - no disrespect is intended to her or her family.

Words: Shorntay Allen
Video: Courtesy of d'nyce (Soul-of-the-UK Live)