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INTERVIEW: Kaana Ellie


Kaana Ellie

Music as Remedy



Head of Music, Media and Performing Arts projects for young people in Haringey, before the government decided the kids weren't important.


Describe Kanna Ellie in 5 words…
“Lickle but Talawa”, Powerful, Energetic and Wild

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?
Eating custard creams in bed.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
[Laughs] "Chicken" comes before the word Egg [laughs] I’m so smart!

If you were a fruit what fruit would you be and why?
Passion Fruit, not sure why but it sounded sexy.

Since it’s supposed to be “Summer”, what’s your favourite thing to do in the park?
Swim and Eat.

ONiT! Is very excited about your upcoming performance at Style and Substance next week. With such an amazing line up of artists, what are you planning to do to wow the crowd?
I'm gonna take off my six inch heels and shake what my father gave me [laughs], the saddest thing about this interview is I actually find myself amusing [laughs]. Really though, I plan to wow the crowd with good music, alongside my band.

Ah yes, we know you regularly perform live with your 7 piece band, The Remedies. Can we expect to see them at Style and Substance too?
The band are out there playing hard with other artists but for Style and Substance they will be coming back home, back to the beginning, to play with their big Sister - they are amazing. We have good energy and write great songs together. . I have missed them, so the answer to your question is YES!

Wicked! You have such a powerful soulful voice - do you do anything to vocally prepare for a show?
I shut up my mouth, look miserable and pray. It helps me preserve energy for the stage and the show, where I let it all out.

Do you have other any pre-performance rituals?
No not really. I always go to the toilet before the show and do a number 2, then pray. Strange place to pray but it works.

[Laughs] OK! Who are your greatest influences?
The Remedies, my fans, family and love.

Is there an artist or performance that you’ve recently seen that blew you away?
I did not like Rihanna until I saw her pop style on X Factor.

Let’s pretend I’ve just given you £6,000 for you spend on a dream holiday. Where would you go and how would you spend it all?
I'd go to Tanzania, where my mum was born, to sing and live like the Queen!

What’s been your best or worst performance experience so far?
My worst performance was when I forgot my lyrics on stage at a charity event like Amy Winehouse*. The worst thing was, I was sober.

Will we be hearing any material from your new album Now or Never at the show?
My God yeah, It’s all I've got [laughs] and the album is finally due to drop this year.

So, all that said, where can we find you performing next?
I'll be performing at Style & Substance on Tuesday 2nd August at Queen of Hoxton, 1-5 Curtain Road, LONDON EC2A 3JX (Full info)

When and where can fans get a copy of your new album?
The album will be available in September, via iTunes, Amazon and

Lastly, where can we find you outside of the stage?
You can find me in North London, the sunny side of Tottenham. Alternatively, you can be cheap and Facebook or Tweet me via 'Kaanaellie'.

EDITORS NOTE: This interview was produced before the passing of Amy Winehouse - no disrespect is intended to her or her family.

Words: Shorntay Allen
Video: Courtesy of d'nyce (Soul-of-the-UK Live)

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