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INTERVIEW: Nadine Charles | Soul-D-Out (UK) Live!

Short. Sharp. Facts!

Nadine Charles
Hammersmith, London
West London
Type of Artist:
2005 Nokia Prince's Trust Unsigned Award Winner


ONiT! caught up with beautiful, popular and extremely talented UK Singer/Songwriter,
Nadine Charles, prior to her performance at this month's Soul-D-Out (UK) Live! this Friday, 6 August.

Can you tell us how you got involved in this event?

I've performed at
Soul-D-Out (UK) Live! before and have stayed in touch with D'Nyce w
ho keeps up-to-date with what I'm doing.

How did you first get into singing?

I can't really define a moment when I started singing. I've always had music in my life. I've come from an extremely musical family and have been singing as long as I could talk.

Who/what inspires your work?

Life inspires me - good, bad and ugly. I think it's reflected in my songs, but I tend to try to stay focused on the positive, which is why the majority of my songs are love songs.

How would you describe your style?

It would be easier for someone else to describe my style really, I'm just me. I guess pretty soulful...

What can an audience expect when they hear you perform?

Sincerity. I like to put my feelings into my songs, especially because I write most of them, they are quite personal so I want the audience to understand where I'm coming from.

What would you say are your greatest challenges as a song-writer and performer, as well as being a model?

Two main things really with my music: Firstly, getting enough exposure, and funding, being an independent artist. It's hard to manage everything by yourself.

Secondly, being taken seriously. I have been told on many occasions that they weren't expecting my music to be "that good" [laughs] and this is from seeing my pictures! They just assume that I'm a model trying out singing. Whereas I really don't do that much modelling, it came after the singing, actually from the singing. People had seen me sing and then asked if I could do some modelling. So when people think I'm a model, I'm like...well not really, I just take a few pictures when I can't get in the studio!

I don't have any challenges with modelling because most of my shoots have not been from castings. I've been approached for them, so it's pretty easy. I guess I'm less passionate about it, so I wouldn't be that upset if I wasn't chosen for a casting.
With my music it is VERY personal!

Personal favourite gig?

First was, doing backing vocals for
Raphael Saadiq. I listened to him as I was growing up, so to be sharing the satge with him was kinda surreal. I don't think I did that much singing, I was a bit stunned!
2nd would have to be being a support act for Anthony Hamilton at the Indigo O2. It was enjoyable and he was so humble, not to mention super talented!

Nightmare gigs, if any?

Most gigs have nightmare moments, I don't think anything ever runs totally smoothly. You just have to focus and try to deliver. It normally works out fine.

What do you enjoy/prefer about the Live London/UK scene, in comparison to anywhere else?

Each place is different. I like performing anywhere where the audience want to listen and enjoy themselves.

As a performing artist, how do you feel about being compared to artists in the US?

It's inevitable. I don't worry too much about it. We will always be compared to our peers whether here or overseas. I'm just glad that I am being put in the same bracket as many other artists I have respect for.

If you could perform alongside any other artist(s), dead or alive, who would it/they be, and why?

It may sound a bid morbid, but I think I would choose mainly dead artists! [laughs] I love, love, love Minnie Ripperton, she could teach me a thing or two. Also,
Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Curtis Mayfield and Luther Vandross. I just love the meaning behind their songs, and the emotion they put into every word or sound they made, you believe everything they are saying to you.
Of the living, I wouldn't turn down Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, Raphael Saadiq or Eric Roberson, I think they could possibly bring out the best out in me.

Ultimately, what would you like to achieve with your performance career?

I would like to do many more shows and reach further afield. I've performed in mainly European cities, so would love to tackle Asia and Africa.

Can you tell us about an
y forthcoming performances/projects, in addition to Soul-D-Out (UK) Live?
I will update my sites as to further performances and projects.

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Where can people find out more information about you?

You can see
Nadine Charles live, on Friday 6 August, at Soul-D-Out (UK) Live!

For dinner reservations, please contact Cottons, in advance, on: 020 7833 3332/

open at 6pm
commences at 9:00pm sharp
After party
until 2:30am with music from RAMPAGE (BBC1Xtra)

£10 before 11pm/£12 after on door

Rhum Jungle Cotton's Caribbean Restaurant 70, Exmouth Market London EC1R 4QP

Nearest Tubes
Angel (Northern Line) / Farringdon (Hammersmith & City or Circle Line)

Listen to the
Soul-D-Out Radio Show with D'Nyce on BANG Radio 103.6fm /
at 19:00 BST every Thursday for the very best in Soul music.

Soul-D-Out (UK) Live! where the soulful reside

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