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INTERVIEW & EVENT: Ash | Remedy Live

Short. Sharp. Facts!

Name: Ash
Repping: Music is Remedy
Birthplace: South London
Lives: Greenwich, South London
Likes: Music Football riding my bicycle
Dislikes: International call centres, overpriced clubs
Quirky fact about you: I still watch cartoons, Naruto and Bleach are my Eastenders!


ONiT! is excited to see that Remedy Live returns this week, at the Rhythm Factory in East London. We’d love to hear your answers on the following:

Who makes up the Music is Remedy Team?
There’s a few of us that make it all happen; Jamie John Cheatdom works on the artist management side of things. Sophie Pringle is our Mixed Media Goddess, the brains behind our podcast and website/blog. Cage Lu of 9Dots helps maintain the website, Rowan Newton is our arts man for flyers and logos and finally, the band, The Remedies, who practice or gig at least 3-4 times a week; Stu, Louis, Adrian, Andy and Neal. Everyone in the team gives an input into all areas, is a genius in their own right and is amazing, love ‘em all!

Can you tell us what inspired you to create Music is Remedy?
Music is Remedy is a development of projects that begin whilst at Uni studying Commercial Music. Having spent time working at labels, I grew more and more frustrated with what i was seeing and decided the best way i could make a difference, and forge a career for myself in this game, was by starting and creating the brand that is Music is Remedy.

How long has the event, Remedy Live, been running now?
We started out in August 2006, so nearly 4 years!!

What prompted a break?
The Oh! Bar in Camden that we used previously, closed down. So we took a break to workout how best to move forward.

Are you planning to run the show regularly or is this a one-off?
We’ll see how Thursday goes and what the feedback is like, but to be honest, I’ve missed the buzz that I’ve had over the last couple of weeks in the run-up to Remedy Live and can’t wait to open the doors on Thursday night and hit the stage! So I think we’ll be back on a regular basis.... watch this space!

Do you think the scene has changed at all in the time since the last Remedy event, til now? If so, in what way?
A little, but not much, which isn’t great. No disrespect to anyone out there but things aren’t moving forward as they should be. Some leaders of the scene have left whilst newcomers are still learning the game, so standards aren’t as high as they need to be.

What would you say are the greatest challenges in putting on a regular, live event like Remedy Live?
Finances, really and truly, because the scene and artists do not have the necessary hype to command charging £10-£15 per ticket. It’s hard to pull in the necessary funds, to pay artists and contributors to the event, what they deserve and are worth. But it’s just a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. If everyone keeps working hard and improving their game, we will all move forward.

Ultimately, what would you like to achieve with Music is Remedy?
Simply to have a company that is devoted to promoting and developing the best artists and music this country has to offer. Also, hoping to play a role in changing the scene into an Industry in its own right.

We know that Remedy also run a blog, can you tell us a little about that, it’s focus, and what type of content we can find on there?
There are a lot of fantastic blogs out there but the best are all heavily reliant on US content. The Music is Remedy blog is just about UK music and artists. You’ll find event listings, videos, performances, EPs, and as we move forward, interviews and our own features.

We’re aware that you’re a musician yourself, can you tell us what you most enjoy about performing on the live music circuit in London?
Crowd reactions can vary from night to night, but the one thing that remains consistent throughout are the musicians I share the stage with, and the music we play together and that is what I love. I love the people I play and work the stage with. It’s a bonus when you look out and see peeps jamming with you!

How do you balance the roles of Promoter, Musician and Blogger as well as going to gigs as a spectator and generally living life?
Not with great ease. I’m not out as much as I’d like or used to be, and until this starts paying the bills, there is a 9-5 to fit in as well! It’s all about time management and organisation, the more organised you are, the easier it is to solve the many problems that come along. I try to have a regular schedule and stick to it. There’s never enough time to do everything you’d want to do and you have to devote some time for yourself and loved ones just to keep your mind at ease.

Who would you cite as your influences, in terms of your musical career?
Diddy and D’angelo were my main inspirations growing up that pushed me towards getting into this game. UK artists like Jamiroqaui, Brand New Heavies and Soul II Soul prove to me that quality UK music can find success. And finally my peers, who continue to grind and provide me with belief and inspiration to keep doing this; Paul Aarron (UK Soul Jam), Writers Block, One Taste, Poejazzi, Vula, Inua Elams, Kaana Ellie, XO Man, there are too many to mention.

If you could work with any other artist(s), dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
MJ, Jamiroquai, Bob Marley, D’Angelo and Biggie Smalls.

Which do you prefer, putting on the show, or performing as an artist in your own right?
Putting on the show! Being on the stage is great, but seeing all the faces of people in the crowd enjoying the show that you’ve helped put together is just as big a buzz. Love it!

What advice would you give to an artist who’d like to perform on the Music is Remedy stage?
Bring the quality! If you ain’t got it you won’t be joining us i’m afraid. People need to know that when they are coming to a Remedy Live event, that they will be getting quality regardless of who is on the bill. Chances are Joe Public won’t know any of the names on the flyer, but if they know that Music is Remedy put on great nights, they are more inclined to come!

Are there any artists that you’ve featured, who you particularly enjoyed or who stick in your mind?
Tinashe was a great artist to work with, simply amazing songwriter and artist and so much more then what his Record label is allowing him to be (that’s another story). I remember Cherri V rocking one of our shows HARD. Her live set is toooo MUCH - fantastic artist. Enrico Delves note for note (never hits a bad one) the best singer on the scene. And of course the guys we work with regularly; Kaana Ellie and XO Man always bring it on stage, two of the best performers out there.

Which artists have you got gracing the stage at the re-launch?
So two of our regulars, Kaana Ellie and XO Man (couldn’t relaunch without them to be honest) will be there to tear the roof off the place, Dean Atta is providing spoken word with a twist, as he’ll be backed by The Remedies, Wilson and our new artist Sharika Medla will be opening the show with some sublime soulful vocals and finally our headline act is Ed Sheeran who will be performing with full band, The Remedies for the very first time!

Can you give us an insight into Thursday’s show? What can people expect when they come down?
Quality live music!

Can you tell us about any forthcoming projects that you may have coming up?
We’ll be droping the Kaana Ellie & The Remedies album this summer, introducing our new artist Sharika Medla to the scene and working with Pinboardblog on some exciting new concepts, just to name a few.

Anything else you’d like to share with us before you go?
Everyone has to start looking at the bigger picture and start working together. It’s no good staying in your own little bubble, that isn’t progression and that won’t pay your bills! Artists, blogs, promoters, we’re all in it together! We must step our game up and put in the work! There’s a massive cake out there that we can all eat from, everyone just needs to put together the ingredients to make it!

Remedy Live takes place TONIGHT (Thursday 17 June), 7:30pm - 1am at The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1EW
Entry: £5 all night

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